Quarry Operations

More than 60 years ago Conco Companies was built on Quality Products and Customer Service, and we continue to work to provide the best Customer Service and Quality Products in Southwest Missouri.  We have two quarries to serve you, Willard and Galloway. Both quarries have been located on high-quality limestone.  Both quarries are working out of Burlington Limestone formations, providing products that have low chert. Both quarries have trained Quality Control personnel on staff.  If you are in search of any limestone specialty product, our personnel will work with your specifications to produce the product of your needs.

Willard Facility

Willard’s plant has been built to provide the flexibility needed to provide any commercial, state or concrete aggregate needs.  It is able to provide a clean fraction product or blended product, depending on your needs.

RFID is available for all customer trucks.  By putting the RFID reader tag onto your truck, all you need to do is drive in on the in-bound scale, your in-bound weight will automatically be added to your ticket, and head to the stockpile of your choice.  The computerized system will recognize you are on the lot.  As you drive over the out-bound scale, your ticket will be printed and ready for you as you leave.

Galloway Facility

Conco Quarry in Galloway is located right in the heart of Springfield’s growth on the south side of the city.  The close location, plus easy access in-and-out keeps transportation costs to a minimum when you need aggregate for jobs on the south side of Springfield.

Quarry Products