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As an industry leader, Conco Companies will provide the highest level of professional service, product quality, and a rewarding work environment to ensure maximum value to every customer.

Our History

Concrete Supplier Midwest

In the years just after World War II, the ready-mixed concrete industry was just beginning to come into its own. Ralph Reed and his stepson, Tom Baird, believed that this was a business that held great promise for the future. After researching several cities, they came to the conclusion that Springfield, Missouri was a city that would grow significantly in the years to come. Thus, Concrete Company of

Cement, concrete and quarries SW MO

Springfield was founded in 1947 as a small family-owned ready-mix operation with four trucks and a total of seven employees. Reed and Baird were pretty good prognosticators. Today, members of the third and fourth generations of the family are involved in the management of a company that operates six ready-mix plants, two quarry sites, more than 80 delivery trucks, and employs more than 180 people.

Commercial Cement SW MO

The company and the community have grown together. Springfield was a city of less than 60,000 at the close of the war. Today,

the metropolitan area boasts a population of nearly 400,000 that is the economic hub for a large geographic region. The company also has shown steady growth throughout the entire period.

In 1958, the company purchased Garrett Construction Company, a larger competitor, thus becoming the major ready-mix producer in Springfield. Garrett was also in the quarry business, and this became Conco Quarries, a wholly-owned subsidiary which supplies crushed stone products to the r

eady-mix operations, as well as to the overall market. In 1964, quarry operations were moved to the present site, which now encompasses over 1000 acres and has reserves of perhaps 100 years.

Throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, ready-mix plants were added throughout the region to allow for efficient delivery of concrete over an ever-increasing geographic area. Today, that area stretches from Bolivar in the north to Branson in the south, and from Marshfield in the east to Neosho in the west.

The most recent expansion at Conco Companies, as the organization is now known, occurred in mid-2001, when Conco Quarries assumed responsibility for quarry operations at Ash Grove Cement’s Galloway plant. From that site, crushed st

one products are now conveniently available in the fast-growing southeast Springfield area.